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Neon brings to light, augmented reality for the every day user. While virtual reality is synthetic objects and places experienced through a screen or monitor, augmented reality is the marriage of the virtual with your immediate surroundings. Augmented reality is here to inform, compliment and enhance your real world. To experience augmented reality, more than a screen, you also need a camera to provide interactivity which tends to be available on a tablet, mobile phones and even ‘VR goggles’. The idea is for the camera to ‘take in’ your surroundings, like a room with a desk or an empty garage, then the program scales an object, place, or even text caption that hovers over something you are interested in.

What sort of virtual object? It depends on you.

What kinds of virtual objects or places would fill out these rooms? This depends on you as the provider or user.

As a curator for a museum or art gallery, you could have an artifact or sculpture from a collection, rendered true-to-life for a patron to view, in detail, on a blank wall at home. This experience can generate interest or motivation for the client to go see the entirety of the exhibit. Science teachers who deliver lessons on astronomy can direct students to a virtual scale model of our local planetary alignment, from her/his very desk! While viewing a planetary orbit model on a textbook diagram or even computer screen is one thing, watching a 3D model swim right in front of you is something else! The stuff of science fiction made real! Graphs, charts, and geometric shapes can come to life in math class, while animals, birds and insects can be made to view in ways other technologies just cannot match. All these educational possibilities are made-to-scale to the students’ immediate surroundings.

If you run an inventory-based business that sells shoes, pastries, jewellery, or sports accessories, augmented reality can be your best “selling tool”! Better than a catalogue, your customers can examine clothing to a level of detail no other shopping platform can match except being at the shop itself. But what if the client visits your inventory-based shop? Augmented reality compliments your inventory. When your customers visit, they can hold their phone or tablet or goggles over the product to see the price, catalogue/model number and ingredients/materials hover over the items in a kind of living catalogue. On the other hand, if you are a buyer at home who wants to see if that sofa will fit, ‘just right’ in your home, augmented reality can demo it for you. The latest model of a car might be your next purchase when you hover your AR device of choice in your empty garage or driveway to see it, both interior and exterior, in identical detail right down to upholstory. The vehicle showroom brought to your home! This is the make believe holodeck experience brought to you now, come true!

Augmented reality does not stop at objects, you can deploy make-believe places or reality-to-be. Are you a real estate developer? How about showing your buyers what the new homes coming onto the market will look like? Your mobile device can be the portal to the near future, to see your home-to-be. Use an empty space to walk through the fully staged, gorgeous new kitchens, bath and bedrooms!

These objects and spaces can be deployed by team Neon and viewed by anyone with a mobile device. At Neon, virtual experiences and accessibility go hand-in-hand.

But what if looking is not enough? What if the student, patron, or client wants to interact with the virtual object? To move it around or manipulate and study it in closer detail? That is where the Neon app, available for free through Google Play and the iOS store comes in. With the Neon app, you can use your device to go beyond sight, but to real interaction, learning and discovery. Augmented reality is no longer a beta-idea, it is fast-maturing and ready to be deployed for you now. It is not something just for gaming, but for business, exploration and education.

Through Neon, we bring to life Augmented Reality models to websites so customers can view any object or virtual place without the need for a third party app so you can easily share and collaborate over this fantastic futuristic experience! It’s tomorrow already!

Whether for-profit or non, Neon can let you manipulate to educate.

Neon, by Avante!

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