We, at Avante, have noticed a gap in the web hosting market. At some point in time, all our developers were web hosting clients and we have all noted consistencies when looking for service. Hosting servers tend to be oversold, page loading tends to be slow, companies overcharge for an email address at a domain name of choice, not to mention being gouged for getting an SSL certificate if you plan to do e-commerce, which is essential. During one of our weekly meetings, someone brought up hosting providers and half the meeting time went straight to a 'complaint session' about how they all suck. It was not long before someone proposed the idea, 'what if we provide a web hosting service that doesn't suck?'

Enter Econonet, our web hosting platform that gives everything you need to get a business or organization off the ground the moment you enroll. We built Econonet to include essentials such as domain registration, an-e-mail address at your domain name, and an SSL certificate-no matter what package you choose-and that is just for starters.

Did we mention plans? Yep. We came up with three of them; Essentials, E-Store, and Distinct. Essentials is just that, three web pages for those who just need a basic online presence with an email address. More than that, Essentials also offers a dynamic contact widget. E-Store gets you up and running with an e-commerce site where you display inventory, with up to a hundred items, and start selling. Distinct is for those who need more than a basic website and more than an e-store for that matter. Distinct users need third party integration into their site such as blogging platforms, audio/video streaming, and social media integration.

Some other things we decided to throw into the mix is once you submit your logos, photos, fonts and color scheme, we turn around a fully responsive, mobile friendly site. With more than half of all web visitors doing so from mobile, your site had better be mobile ready. Once you sign on with us, we include an SEO stimulus package to help edge your site in search result rankings. And finally, the jewel in the crown of Econonet engagement. That is where we shine. We want our hosted sites to get repeated and growing visits and to that end we work on ways to give feedback to our clients on how to cultivate and grow engagment. Of course, all this sounds too good to be true so to fully convince users, we offered a two week money back guarantee to show we mean what we say. Naturally, our sites come with comprehensive technical support because we realize not everyone is as tech-savvy as an Avante developer.

It is difficult to believe that web hosting clients have put up with so much unfair treatment and we saw a gap in the market and chose to fill it with something that really helps people, giving them what they need.

We'll work with your team to propose the best possible solutions!

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