Avante currently develops 'Artisan', a management platform for construction projects, available through a web interface or via an app that runs on both Android and iOS. The aim of Artisan is to manage all facets of construction projects; be it something as large as public works infrastructure, mid-level such as a condo-development, or modest scale like renovations, while retaining control and awareness at all stages. Plan, develop, acquire status updates and manage project budgets at an unprecedented level of efficiency, with Artisan.

How does Artisan work? First, any scale of project needs management. Those who are tendered the contract who in turn select participants such as architects, engineers, electricians, concrete specialists, construction workers as well as attendant government bylaw officials, insurance and compliance officers, and supervisors. Management inputs the participants' names, contact information and responsibilities into Artisan, which in turn sends an email notification to everyone involved. Once participants are notified, s/he logs into the web interface or through the app to get apprised of their specific tasks as well as the project scope. The moment you log into Artisan you are immersed in all things project-related, with a calendar/timeline feature, compliance forms, documentation, reports, budget tracking and more. Artisan also leverages common features of mobile phones to enhance project development. Most, if not all contract workers, own some kind of smartphone wherein Artisan taps into the camera feature to capture and store project snapshots as well as geo-location tagging which is ideal for insurance and industry compliance.

As a project manager, you ensure all forms and documentations are available on Artisan, track the progress of workers, delegate urgent tasks while keeping an eye on budget. Have your crew update the project platform with images to see where it is headed, and is the next best thing to being physically on-site, all the time. Now management can delegate urgent tasks, see what's happening, who is available to do tasks and deploy at a moment's notice. Invoices can be submitted and paid, all within the app. This is a small facet of what Artisan can do, and anyone can install and login to see for themselves the power, diversity, and efficiency of this platform for all levels of construction and development. Connect, communicate, update, deploy, Artisan.

Artisan App Job List ScreenArtisan app developmentScreen capture of the Artisan app on the home screen.Artisan mobile app development.Artisan mobile app development.

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