(UI/UX) User Interface & User Experience Design

The user interface and user experience is one of the most important disciplines of the software development process. The utility value of any software is determined by how easy and intuitive it is to use. Our benchmark is to design the visual layers of our software to be so insanely good that users can't help but prefer our offerings ahead of the alternatives.
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Our Core Design Expertise

Mobile application user interface and user experience.

Web application user interface and user experience.

Complete pixel-for-pixel design schematics.

Mobile & Web Software Design Choreography.

Interactive design demos prior to implementation.

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Our Design Work

Web content management system

An app to manage every facet of an orgnaization's comprehensive web platforms.

Intelligent music discovery tool

Staying ahead of the latest musical waves. Follow your favourite musical artists and be notified of their most recent activity.

Augmented reality viewing lens

Discover products and natural phenomena through custom-tailored augmented reality experiences.

Intelligent customer support system

An enterprise application enabling web specialists to field customer requests and handle day to day account management for econoNet clients.

Other Projects

User Interface & AMP User Experience Design Process


Project Discovery & Analysis

The design components of our projects begins with client meetings whereby Avante IO personnel do a deep dive into the high level business requirements of the project. During this phase we uncover motivations and strategies as a part of a collaborative process with specific relevance to the user interface layer. The results of these meetings are then translated into precise and agreed upon design requirements.



Avante IO designers begin to translate these into design prototypes. These prototypes establish the structure, logical flow and presentation of the various views of the software application. Design aesthetics, colour palettes and wireframes are presented to the client for review and approval and to establish a framework from which the complete design specifications will be delivered.


Visual Design Implementation

After the client has finalized approval of the design prototypes, Avante IO designers commence the process of translating the prototypes into a completely fleshed out design mock-ups. At this stage distinct designs are established for the specific platforms (web, iOS, Android etc.). Determinations such as view transition, widget behaviour and functionality presentation are visualized and brought to life. Engineers can use the culmination of the steps so far to begin the visual components of the application's implementation.


Comprehensive Visual Design

At this stage Avante IO designers work closely with engineers to exhaustively incorporate every single feature and attribute of the precise system specification as accounted for within the design guidelines. A comprehensive blueprint of every single visual component and view of the software application is compiled with annotations for the various permutations of state and functionality. The by-product of this stage is a mature and conclusive design guideline for the entire application to be implemented by Avante IO software engineers.


Iterative Feedback-Based Improvements

User behaviour tracked by metrics and analytics provide visibility and insight into how end-users interact with our software applications. By collecting these analytics and deriving behavioural insights, Avante IO designers are able to refine the user experience through functional updates and overhauls of the design. As distinct usage and behavioural patterns emerge, our designers are able to rethink the overall design and propose more optimal design patterns.

Advantages of our approach

We take advantage of every opportunity to set a standard of excellence in software user experience and user interface design.

Design-Oriented Project Life Cycle

Avante IO designers rapidly prototype the user design and experience in tandem with client feedback to deliver productive and functional user experiences.

Quick Project Start-Up

By following a rapid and agile workflow, Avante IO practitioners go from specification to implementation in record time. We move quickly and encourage constant feedback cycles.

Frequent Client Review

Our process is guided by getting projects into our client's hands as early as possible in the development process and with high frequency. By following this tactic we're able to incorporate valuable feedback into the development cycle.

Fault Tolerant by Design

Avante IO projects are precisely specified by skilled software engineers while optimizing for reliability and minimizing potential for errors. All of this is by design and baked in from first principles.

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