Software System Design & Architecture

Avante IO software systems are precisely specified and architectured prior to writing any code. The system architecture is rigorously defined from an engineering perspective to guarantee all business requirements are satisfied by the final product.
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A rigorously defined specification process.

Business requirements and project motivations enumerated at the outset.

Rapid UI/UX design prototyping during discovery.

Complete pixel-for-pixel design schematics with client approval.

Continuous integration and automated reliability testing to eliminate regressions.

User behaviour analytics to guarantee successful adoption.

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Our Software Platform Projects

Web content management system

An app to manage every facet of an orgnaization's comprehensive web platforms.

Intelligent music discovery tool

Staying ahead of the latest musical waves. Follow your favourite musical artists and be notified of their most recent activity.

Augmented reality viewing lens

Discover products and natural phenomena through custom-tailored augmented reality experiences.

Intelligent customer support system

An enterprise application enabling web specialists to field customer requests and handle day to day account management for econoNet clients.

Other Projects

Guiding Principles

Rigorously Engineered Project Specifications

Our mandate is to deliver software application projects that satisfy client business requirements, increase productivity and that behave as their users expect. To ensure that these goals are reached we spend time meeting with our clients up-front to obtain a solid grasp on the project's motivations. The results of these meetings are then converted into precise technical specifications that clearly and concisely define and describe the desired software solution. These specifications eliminate any ambiguity and provide a holistic view of the project at a glance.

Agile & Iterative Development

Avante IO's software engineering process is bound by a frequent release cycle. Unless the specific project calls for it, our preference is to be shipping weekly updates with incremental updates during the development phase. By releasing frequently and getting the latest iteration within the hands of our clientele we're able to act upon feedback and incorporate it into our next release cycle. This tightly knit flow between our designers, engineers and customers ensures that our client's expectations are met and that all business targets will be satisfied by the final product.

Predictable & Fixed Costs

Our web software application development projects start with a precise technical specification and pixel perfect design schematics. This allows all involved parties to gain a holistic view of the project before our engineers begin progamming the app itself. These also give us an opportunity to accurately estimate the timeline and project budget. We ensure that the budget is evenly distributed throughout the various project phases to ensure our clients have clear transparency into what it will cost and how much time it will take to bring their app to market.

Our Advantages

Holistic Project Management

Each project begins with a precise technical specification and design documentation. By following this pattern, each aspect of the project can be scrutinized and perfected prior to being carried out.

Quick Project Start-Up

By following a rapid and agile workflow, Avante IO practitioners go from specification to implementation in record time. We move quickly and encourage frequent client feedback cycles.

Frequent Client Review

Our process is guided by getting projects into our client's hands as early as possible in the development process and with high frequency. By following this tactic we're able to incorporate valuable feedback into the development cycle.

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