Custom Business Intelligence Solutions & Engineering

Modern organizations generate tremendous amounts of data as a by-product of day to day operations. The goal of business intelligence software is to set up workflows and systems that automate repetitive tasks prone to human error and to augment those workflows with sensors and triggers that capture this valuable data. Then, once key organizational processes are being tracked and measured, intelligent insights can be gathered from the data to empower future decision making.
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Business Intelligence Technologies

Distributed Computing Envs.
Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Storm
Persistent Storage Layers
AWS Redshift & S3. Google BigQuery, etc.
Mobile Data Science
Google MLKit, Apple CoreML
DB Architecture
PostgresQL & MySQL With Replication

Business Intelligence Approaches

Data Mining

Large data corpuses can be crawled while key data points are extracted for storage and further analysis.

ML Solutions

Aggregate data sets evaluated for statistical significance can be analyzed for insights to drive organization and product strategy.

Data Structure

Enforcing structural data storage enables complex business analysis and procedures to be carried out on datasets of any scale. Structured data is stored for integrity with a minimal storage footprint.

Data Warehouse

Retain up to petabyte-scale essential business data in a redundant and distributed schema. Query housed data to view organization-wide data reports in real time.

Workflow Digitization

Using data-driven insights to eliminate redundant and repetitive workflows. The digitization of organization personnel's tasks minimizes risk and increases visibility into organization-wide operations.

Mass Data Aggregation

Often data is available for an organization but it isn't being collected and aggregated in a consumable and actionable structure. Avante IO provides petabyte-scale data aggregation and storage solutions.

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Business Intelligence Projects

Web content management system

An app to manage every facet of an organization's comprehensive web platforms.

Digital construction project management

Eliminate risk and boost productivity with digital workflows

Computer vision powered product search

Discover products and natural phenomena through custom tailored augmented reality project and object recognition.

Intelligent customer support system

An enterprise application enabling web specialists to field customer requests and handle day to day account management for econoNet clients.

Other Projects

Guiding Principles

Rigorous Project Specifications

Our mandate is to deliver business intelligence insights that satisfy pressing client business requirements, increase productivity and that positively impact future decisions. To ensure that these goals are met we spend time meeting with our clients up-front to obtain a solid grasp on the project's motivations. The results of these meetings are then converted into precise technical specifications that clearly and concisely define and describe the desired software solution. These specifications eliminate any ambiguity and provide a holistic view of the project at a glance.

Leveraging Domain Expertise

Business intelligence and the application of ML to data sets are predicated on cooperation with domain-specific experts. By partnering with our clients we're able to identify key data features to drive the machine learning on data sets that are statistically significant.

Hypothesis Driven

Much like the scientific process itself, Avante IO Inc. data science teams work with domain experts in the target industry to develop hypotheses that can be quickly prototyped and tested against controlled data sets. Hypotheses that are supported by data are then deployed to the client's existing infrastructure.

Predictable & Fixed Costs

Our web software application development projects start with a precise technical specification and pixel perfect design schematics. This allows all involved parties to gain a holistic view of the project before our engineers begin progamming the app itself. These also give us an opportunity to accurately estimate the timeline and project budget. We ensure that the budget is evenly distributed throughout the various project phases to ensure our clients have clear transparency into what it will cost and how much time it will take to bring their app to market.

Our Advantages

Native Mobile BI Apps

Run and deploy on-device ML trained algorithms on native mobile applications. Leverage mobile within your organization to digitize workflows and aggregate transactional data.

Quick Project Start-Up

By following a rapid and agile workflow, Avante IO data science practitioners go from specification to implementation in record time. We move quickly and value frequent client feedback.

Holistic Project Management

Each project begins with a precise technical specification implementation strategy. By following this pattern, the underlying data hypothesis of the project can be tested in isolation prior to being implemented.

Data Science Practitioners

Avante IO data science practitioners employ statistical analysis, data analysis and machine learning to influence clients' key performance indicators.

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