Augmented Reality Application Development

Augmented Reality is a new presentation of software technology that transforms how organizations work, learn, and connect with almost anything in your immediate physical environs.
Object Recognition Product Discovery

How Object Recognition Works

  1. Launch the object recognition-capable app.
  2. Aim the viewfinder at an object or 2D photo.
  3. Identify the make and model of any product.

Immersive Object Visualization

View any detailed object in the scale and context of your immediate surroundings.

In-App Augmented Reality

Augmented reality functionality can be deployed via native iOS, Android, Web and desktop applications for use in a variety of computing platforms.

AR Model Design

Detailed and interactive virtual object recreations designed to scale.

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Augmented Reality Project Process


Project Discovery

Specific augmented reality technology components are identified and formalized within a project proposal. The details of the proposal are explored and clearly defined until all foundational requirements are identified.


Precise Specification

High-level requirements are converted into precise technical schematics including required functionality and feature lists. All features and project-specific functionality is clearly defined within the project specification. Specifications are agreed upon by all parties prior to implementation.


UI / UX Design

Avante IO designers propose user experiences that are intuitive and immersive in leveraging modern augmented reality technologies. User experience designs are validated with still and video mock-ups.



Equipped with the design guidelines and the precise technical specifications, Avante IO software engineers follow a diligent schedule to bring the augmented reality solution to life.


Testing & Quality Assurance

An iterative cycle whereby alpha, beta and final release candidates are put in the hands of Avante IO quality assurance personnel to guarantee that the final product meets all business requirements.


AR Solution Deployment

Avante IO designers propose user experiences that are intuitive and immersive in leveraging modern augmented reality technologies.


Post-Release Support & Updates

Avante IO quality assurance personnel work with user feedback and client input to continually update and improve the mobile application offering. Empowering features are released by way of app updates.


Marketing & Strategy

Avante IO product advocates work with client marketing teams to guarantee a unified narrative that directs users to succesful experiences within our mobile applications.

Guiding Principles

Agile & Iterative Development

Avante IO's software engineering process is bound by a frequent release cycle. Unless the specific project calls for it, our preference is to be shipping weekly updates with incremental updates during the development phase. By releasing frequently and getting the latest iteration within the hands of our clientele we're able to act upon feedback and incorporate it into our next release cycle. This tightly knit flow between our designers, engineers and customers ensures that our client's expectations are met and that all business targets will be satisfied by the final product.

Predictable Fixed Costs

Our mobile application development projects start with a precise technical specification and pixel perfect design schematics. This allows all involved parties to gain a holistic view of the project before our engineers begin progamming the app itself. These also give us an opportunity to accurately estimate the timeline and project budget. We ensure that the budget is evenly distributed throughout the various project phases to ensure our clients have clear transparency into what it will cost and how much time it will take to bring their app to market.

Advantages of our approach

We take advantage of every opportunity to set a standard of excellence in mobile application development.

Holistic Project Management

Each project begins with a precise technical specification and design documentation. By following this pattern, each aspect of the project can be scrutinized and perfected prior to being carried out.

Innovative AR Solutions

As an emerging technology, the best applications of augmented reality are seldom obvious. That's why Avante IO engineers and designers work with clients to rapdily prototype the most appropriate business and consumer solutions.

Frequent Client Review

Our process is guided by getting projects into our client's hands as early as possible in the development process and with high frequency. By following this tactic we're able to incorporate valuable feedback into the development cycle.

AR Industry Standards

The leading mobile and web platforms are constantly updating and improving their AR capabilities. As these platforms improve, Avante IO revisits and updates our deployed AR solutions to remain at the forefront of AR capabilities.

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