COVID-19 Response

Collectively, as a human race, we now face the largest crisis to humanity since the second world war. This pandemic spreads throughout the world and affects everyone; across all races, ethnicities, age groups, incomes and social status, privileged or otherwise. While the poor and elderly suffer from the highest casualties, this virus spares no group exposed to it. All of us following the news of this virus and attendant illnesses, lasting health effects, and the alarming mortality rates, are awed. Add to that, the crippling effects on our economy wherein businesses that are not paused, blocking revenue, are otherwise forced to declare bankruptcy such as the services sector. Witnessing this unfold has doubtless caused fear for both our lives and livelihoods. These feelings of fear are not unjustified. Fear can be good and inspire us to act in ways that may keep us safe from exposure to harm. However, fear must also be guided by rational thought, otherwise we may end up with scenarios of panic, worse than the virus. Feel the fear, but own it.

Barring essential workers, all of us are now ordered to stay home and minimize contact with others to reduce the chances of spreading infections. In doing so, we may be able to slow the progress of infections and at best, isolate and stamp it out. We can only achieve this if we act as one, for the good of all.

At Avante we have ensured employees and interns are able to work from home to comply with social distancing orders. Because of Avante’s work structure, we are able to ensure no disruption to our services and products. Avante is fully operational. Moreover, we also assist our valued clients to facilitate flexible payments as a way to cope with these difficult times. We also transition clients to work and communicate remotely. As a reminder, Avante and its affiliates are here, ready, and available on all channels to listen to and support our clients around the clock. Avante also plans to roll out more supports to help get us all through this.

While it is tempting to stock up on supplies and only look to help ourselves and immediate family, this is not enough. The key to overcoming this threat is take it a step further and also look out for neighbours and the vulnerable members of our communities. For instance, those who returned from overseas trips and are mandated to stay home and who need groceries brought to their door step. This is so these high risk people will not be compelled to leave home out of necessity. Also, to bring food to the weak and vulnerable demographics of society such as the homeless and those who suffer health issues. We need to look out for them and each other.

There are still pressing things we have not worked out, like basic bills now that we are compelled to stay home. But by taking these steps and looking out not just for ourselves, but our community, we can overcome this crisis sooner. Humanity is struck with the speed and ruthlessness of circumstance, but we will adapt, overcome and prosper. We can do all this quicker if we work together and take care of one another. This is the moment when future generations will look back and judge us based on our humanity.