AR Apps

What you carry with you, your mobile smart phone, can be an untapped resource for your business/organization that saves time and resources. It can also be a way to generate revenue. You just need to come up with an idea to leverage your device and it can be so. First, identify an aspect of your business/organization that could benefit from improvement. For example, what if there was better- integrated communication between staff and management? What if you could keep closer track of major project developments? What if you could set up a delivery service at minimal cost that also closely monitored employee performance? These three specific ‘for instances’ are real world, practical applications already deployed to great success. We will elaborate on these successes with brief, specific case studies to demonstrate how a business or organization can better reach their goals. The take-away here is to provide some examples that may inspire you on how you can leverage your device thereby saving resources or getting paid.

One company, now an international success story, coordinates a delivery force for take-out food through an app. First, customers register with the delivery service and places an order with the fast food outlet of choice. The client then tracks, in real-time, the preparation and delivery including updated tracking of the driver location all the way to the destination. Once the order has arrived and been paid for, the client can then even review the service. Previously, this delivery service required a lot of separate components including a two way radio, contracting with specific food providers and hiring of full time delivery staff and a website to review the services. Now the app facilitates orders through a loose affiliate of food providers and ad-hoc contract workers into a seamless order placement, tracking, and service reviews. The app, one app takes care of it all with a management, client and worker side.

Another mobile app is commissioned by an elderly care-giver organization. All care-givers are issued an android phone with the care-giver app loaded onto it. Once launched, the user is presented with a day-planner formatted app that lists the elderly that are to be visited, time of appointments, as well as their location. Toggling into each name reveals an additional schedule such as when they are to be bathed, fed, administered medication and finally put to bed. Further, the care-give can add notes on the patient such as health status, requests and concerns. At each appointment, the care-giver ‘clocks-in’ and ‘out’ and while the local office is advised in real-time on the treatment of the patients. Add to that, the patient can contact the head administrator directly through the phone or the care-giver can even broadcast the status of the patient through the camera phone. This mobile app allows for greater accountability and helps ensure a higher standard of care.

Case study three. A construction company contracted a firm to build a project management application to plan, staff, coordinate, manage and track projects, big and small, from renovations to full-on multi- billion dollar public works. This app is not restricted to mobile devices, but can also be accessed via the web when necessary. All project participants receive email notifications that include a project schedule, their specific task delegated, as well as scheduling app where s/he reports the status of the project. The camera function of this app also enables the user to take photos of the project to indicate the status or reveal urgent priorities. Now project managers oversee their projects, in real time, and can delegate and administer accordingly. With all participants tracked, who provide constant feedback, projects can potentially get accomplished with a greater degree of efficiency, granular observation, and care.

These three ‘for instances’ are indeed real-life working examples, that encompass better care and quality of life for seniors, more detailed project management for construction services, and an app that seamlessly encompasses clients, food providers, and delivery staff. The limit is your imagination. Just think of what the weakest link in your business/organization is or what would be a ‘nice-to-have’ to help you generate money and then we at Avante can build it. Whatever it is. All the examples above are dreamers that dreamed of a better reality and now it is your turn. While “software is eating the world” has been quoted to the point of being a cliché, the organizations that recognize software as a competitive differentiator—rather than merely a cost center—definitely have an edge against their tech- averse competitors.