hipsrv 1.0, now on the App Store with support for iPhone X Avante IO is pleased to announce the availability of hipsrv: the authority on Tomorrow’s music, version 1.0 on the (Apple) App Store. hipsrv is your personal music artist research assistant that combs the internet for any mention of who you are into. That means news articles, interviews, reviews, press releases, official artist and label sites, and of course, social media feeds. hipsrv gathers this information and serves into a sleek timeline graph of artist and band activities. So what does that mean to you, the music fan?

It means you start to discover everything published about your favourite artist, and then some. You learn about the full discography, musical collaborations and what is to come, such as live shows and tours. If there is an overlooked album, a rare single, or special limited edition release, you will be in the know. The more you use hipsrv, the more it will help you and that is where it really begins to shine. Say if two or more artists you like use the same producer, there is a better-than-average chance you may like other artists whom this producer already worked with, but you may have not heard of. Add to that, if your favourite artist listens to another artist or band that you don’t know, you can learn about and listen to them too. It is like getting a direct tip from your favourite artist! hipsrv not only searches, based on associations, it makes the connections between bands and projects and serves it all onto the palm of your hand-making YOU the authority on tomorrow’s music, today.

While hipsrv helps you track your favourite artist, we will never track you because we care about your privacy. Use hipsrv with confidence, get hip on your favourite artists and bands, get hipsrv. Our new 1.0 updated version has new features like account creation so you can login at anytime, all the time, and revisit your favourited artists to check on the latest and greatest news updates. We also optimized our design and layout to make it easier to search and get info on the artists and bands that matter to you with. Use our app to be the authority with ease and comfort, now with iPhone X support. We keep current on tech and devices so you can stay current on music and be the know-it-all.