If your business or organization is looking to develop and deploy mobile apps, and if part of your goal of said apps is marketshare, look to the Americans. America comprises a vast and powerful market and even small adoption by them still translates to big numbers when measured up against our modest population. It may not always be easy to break into the American app market, perhaps due to regulatory restrictions such as if your app deals with softwood lumber or if your products are only available in Canada and forbidden in the USA, such as selling Kinder chocolate eggs. However, if there are no regulatory restrictions to your app, your mobile app distribution network is lead by two of America’s largest corporations; Apple’s App Store for iOS and Google’s Play Store for the Android platform. Having your app listed by these two juggernaut networks will expose your app to US marketshare and beyond.

Well, how big is US marketshare? According to the Marketline Industry Profile, Mobile Apps in the United States, November 2016 edition, the United States accounts for 28.6 % of the global market share value. The USA mobile apps market valueation is forecasted to increase to 29.7 % by 2021. Browsing is the largest segment of the mobile apps market and accounts for 71.6% of the market’s total value.

Some other interesting notes from this report is the breakdown of mobile app marketshare in the USA, wherein Browsing/Wireless Aplication Protocol (WAP) accounts for 71.6%, games, about 1%, and video, music, ringtones, graphics/images also account for 1%. (Taken from Figure 3, United States mobile apps market category segmentation: % share, by value, 2016.) After the breakdown of these figures, the report suggests that mass adoption of mobile apps for enterprise has yet to be achieved.

But hang on a moment, how many Canadian apps actually gain US marketshare? Quite a few, actually. Canadians are in a unique cultural position, caught soomewhere between the US cutural avalanche and centuries of British and French influence. Here are some of Canada’s top mobile app exports

Your mobile app should be next.