Not long ago, we made a post about Canadians who invest in mobile apps whose goals are increased marketshare. This is post is directed to any global citizens who are looking to develop any kind of mobile app, be it for an organization, business, personal use, enterntainment and beyond. Why should you consider Canadian mobile app developers like Avante? We give you no less than five reasons why your developers ought to be Canadian.

  1. Location. Avante is based out of Toronto, with offices and connections in Waterloo, which is Canada’s Silicon Valley. A fair number of software firms, social media headquarters, and mobile app companies are based out of Waterloo and the surrounding regions. We in the heart of one of the most innovative tech hubs in the world.
  2. Education. Going back to the first point, Southern Ontario is home to some of the most prestigious computer science programs in Canada, if not the world. Our app developers have world class educatation to ensure your apps are built on a solid foundation.
  3. We’re Canadian, we are outside of the cultural mainstream and locked between pre-defined cultural influence. Our unique cultural position helps us gain a unique perspective on what sort of climate your app can be developed in.
  4. Price. First, consider the benefit of the current exchange rate that will save at least 30% right off the bat. The second thing to consider are the tax advantages. Between these two considerations, Avante has strong bottom-line incentive.
  5. Experience. We are already a part of major and boutique mobile app development projects. Mobile apps that are used by small business, students, organizations and even enterprise. Your app certainly won’t be our first rodeo and who better to trust and those who’ve already done it?