Integrated Mobile Business Apps

If you are trying to run parts of your business from a mobile phone, chances are you doing it in bits and pieces. For example, you probably manage e-mails from your phone through an e-mail client. Mobile apps such as Stripe have made point-of-sale more accessible, along with attendant sales reports. Now anyone can get a debit/credit card-swiper add-on for their mobile phones for sales besides just cash or shelling out for an expensive point-of-sale system from Moneris. Stripe is a blessing for business and sales are the lifeblood of a business. However, there are other facets of a business that also need to be looked after such as inventory management, customer service, shipping/logistics tracking, tax management, employee management, delegation of tasks, managing expenses and so on. There are many mobile apps available for each of these facets and some of them are actually useful. However, businesses are not run like jigsaw puzzles. All of these things must be managed in a timely manner and not through launching and juggling through dozens of apps. That is why we at Avante have been working for years on mobile apps that offer seamless integration with all facets of business. Our belief is that you can run one app to seamlessly manage your business throughout your day. That is how it should be.

We can take cues from some of the bigger players of the app world, such as the major banks like CIBC, BMO, RBC, Scotiabank, National Bank among others. When you launch their smartphone applications, you not only have debit and credit and balance-checking options, you also have stock portfolio management, RSP’s, RESP’s, mortgage, insurance products among others. Major bank mobile apps are a comprehensive integrated solution to manage all facets of your finances while also offering new products. This is much more efficient than juggling through several apps for your finances. Another case in point is the [Apple Store app], (not to be confused with the Apple App Store) that also offers a complete, integrated solution for the ordering and/or purchase of any Apple product you wish, to pick up and/or buy instore. No need for line ups or waiting for a rep to order a product anymore. This app is not just about buying, but letting customers get involved with supply chain management and let them take care of ordering and doing some of the work. The big players know that integrated mobile solutions are the best way to manage work flow and this very concept can be used to help you run your business.

If you want a job well, you need to do it yourself. Make sure you do the job once. Forget about giving instructions via email, making phone calls and verbally repeating yourself. Instead, use your company’s mobile app to assign a task to an employee and then check back to view their progress. Set reminders for yourself and your team.

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