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Apple now manufacturers their devices with 64 bit CPU’s instead of 32 bit and with it, the entire iOS mobile app ecosystem. The central processing unit (CPU) is the engine that fullfills the myriad of requests from mobile apps installed by the user. Here are five ways this change impacts customers.

Future Proofing. When a mobile app is run on your iOS device, it takes up random access memory (RAM) and the most RAM a device with 32 bit architecture can use is up to four gigs. Now if your mobile app takes four gigs of RAM, that is too much. At this time. Only desk and laptop apps use that much or more RAM. That means, Apple envisions a time when mobile apps will need more than four gigs of RAM to perhaps run high definition videos or run powerful graphics programs. This means your mobile phone is on its way to replacing your desktop sooner rather than later. For Apple, this architecture shift is more about the future of iOS than the present.

Greater Speed. That is not to say that there are no present benefits to using a device with a 64 bit CPU. Your mobile apps will run up to 30% faster, which is not too shabby.

More efficient mobile app design. The shift from 32 to 64 bit is not just about a change in architecture but in how Apple manufactures. Previously, Apple had to contract CPU fabrication to other manufacturers who do not always give out all the data on their products. Now Apple is large and powerful enough to make their own CPU’s. That means Apple has technical access to all the details of the CPU and iOS developers can now design better, more efficient software to suit it.

Apple iOS 64 Bit

More control over manufacturing. Previously Apple had to coordinate with other manufacturers to schedule product release dates, but now that their in-house manufacturing has grown, they can achieve a lot more, faster. That means a more frequent release schedule and less of a bottle neck for new products.

Every silver lining has a dark cloud. With the exceptions of some iPhone five’s, most said phones and below are 32 bit architecture. That means they will no longer receive updates and will become legacy devices. Apple prided itself with longer lasting products but this shift means older devices will have to make due with what is already installed and native apps. The brighter side of this dark cloud is that the app store will be a lot roomier as 32 bit apps are purged to make way for the future.

At Avante, we have made our mobile apps 64 bit compatable since the begining. We have also migrated mobile apps from 32 to 64 bit. The transition of apps from one architecture to another can be seamless and cost effective and our developers can show you how. Contact us today for details.