If your business is considering a mobile app for development, or thinking about it, it may be a good idea to look at the mobile marketplace landscape in Canada as a whole and probably the rest of the Americas as well. We at Avante consult several market databases and research reports such as those by MarketLine and EuroInternational. These reports are large and cover many facets of the mobile industry including fabrication/manufacturing, carriers, retailers, and consumers which is why posts will be broken down into a series, to cover each facet. For this post, we will examine revenue of the Canadian mobile phone market, which in 2015 had a total market revenue of 5.5 billion in sales, up 7.7% from the previous year for a value of 5,504 million. The compound annual growth rate of mobile phones since 2011 is 13.4%. Of these sales, roughly 10% of sales are for ‘feature phones’, which are phones with limited web browsing abilities with modest processors that run a narrow set of applications and functions. At one time, feature phones were the bulk of mobile phone sales but these numbers are shrinking. 90% of sales comprise the ‘smart phone’ category which are essentially mini-handheld computers with powerful processors, full web browsing capacity and run an assortment of sophisticated computer-grade applications. The feature phone market is likely to continue to shrink as smart phone sales assert dominance. Projected revenue growth of the Canadian mobile phone market by 2020 is expected to reach 14.4% growth per annum with a growing North American marketshare of 2.7 %. To give an indication of the significance of this figure, Canada’s mobile phone market currently holds 6.7% of the North American market share.