We’re Enthusiastic!

Enthusiasm. Our team lives, breathes, eats, sleeps, and produces apps. We believe that not only is mobile the new personal computer, but day-planner, wallet, passport, transit ticket, book, text book, newspaper, magazine—well, you get the picture. Now that we have embraced this cultural shift, the next steps are to make this as seamless and pleasant experience as possible. That is why we aspire to build bug-free apps, intuitive interface designs, and keep up with technological hard and software trends.

Yes, we are experienced.

Experience. We build apps that interact with bluechip companies that include major banks and logistics companies like Fedex, DHL, and UPS where there is no room for buggy apps or a poor user experience. In those cases, our approach is native apps where we build and design for specific devices on specific platforms like iOS and Android so that they work both on and off-line. Avante has served both corporate and private clients for years and they bring this cumulative experience to every new project.


Our developers are engineers and programmers proficient in a variety of development languages and understand the underlying ways things work. Nothing is a ‘black box’ with us for long as we strive to learn how the latest phone or tablet works or new programming language relevant to our field.

Tenacity (We’re in it for the long haul)

When it comes to mobile apps, launch is only a chapter of an ongoing proccess, where we constantly refine and hone our products. Technology changes and evolves rapidly, as does the marketplace so apps need to keep up with the changes and not only stay relevant, but improve. Mobile is the new lifetool and we are preparing for the dawn of a new era.