Constant companions make ads irrelevant. Be a constant companion.

How many times do you glance at your mobile device throughout the day? Have you counted the times your thumb slides between screens consciously or unconsciously? Your mobile device is your constant companion and is the biggest cultural shift in our lives in the last decade. We not only carry our family, friends and business contacts with us, but how many times we reach out to them. We also carry photos and video of our daily interaction and compulsively record what matters to us. Books, films, and music are also carried on these very same devices, showing where our ‘headspace’ is at and our values. The e-mail clients and daily planners on these devices organize our life and reveal priorities. Mobile devices are also our wallets that show how we delegate our livelihoods. No other time have we carried so much of who we are in one little package, they are our identities.

Out of the complex ecosystem of apps to choose from, clients pick yours to become part of the users’ everyday life. Whether the user is at home, work, commuting, shopping, vacationing, or even in the bathroom, your branding is there as a constant reminder. That means your branding is being glanced at more times than any billboard, film/television /magazine ad. Companies pay a king’s ransom for a few seconds during the Superbowl or any major sporting event. For a comparatively infinitesimal investment of building a mobile app, your can get to your target audience more frequently and far more effectively. If your business cares about marketshare or growth at all, a mobile app is one of the most important investments your brand will ever make. If your app is useful and relevant, the user will turn to you as a constant companion as your are invevitably woven into the fabric of his/her everyday life.