Launch is just the beginning, invest in updates.

You invested in a mobile app and your business worked with developers to design, build, test, and finally launch the app. Congratulations, there was a lot of time, hard work, and money invested to get to this point. Now the app is ‘out there’ and you have some clients who actually use it. You speak with users and get feedback. Hold on to this because it could be your fortune on the line.

They like your app fine but for a few tweaks. For instance, maybe some users say the app buttons could be larger, or the retrun to home screen and main nav do so with greater ease. Perhaps some clients have older phones and the app tends to freezes. Conversely, a new phone may have come out with extra features and clients may want to take advantage of those.

As a mobile app user yourself, you also note changes in other apps you use. Take note of these and see how you can apply some of them to your own on the next update. Whether it is the device you use, you get a newer one or you switch platforms such iOS to Android or vice versa. Perhaps all platforms are going through a trend such as the mass adoption of flat icons. Sometimes if an app does not embrace a trend it sticks out like a sore thumb.

Ideally updates should not more than quarterly, but less is better. Updates take up bandwidth, it takes users away from what they want to do, some clients may put this off altogether. Some keys to encourage the clients to update their app is to make it good enough to keep using and to reward those who do the updates. If you make the updates few, add extra features as well as a new look and feel, and maybe something along the lines of a discount coupon for their efforts you are likelier to have more engaged users.

Think of launching an app like opening a shop. Once the shop opens for business, the costs to update and maintain the shop is ongoing. However, there may be something you can do to leverage your business, some trend you can use to your advantage. Hair dressers might offer cosmetics, a shoe store may offer maintenance sprays, a law office may offer notary public seals for cash flow, a restaurant can offer high-end coffee and deserts. Think of some additional service you can provide through the app, thereby casting the net even wider for users.

Here is a story one business who lost out on a billion dollars because the dev team did not focus on the updates and continuously enhancing the end user experience.