Does your mobile app developer listen?

Yes, we live in a market economy and sometimes the drive to sell eclipses what the client actually needs. When you meet up with potential developer, who does most of the talking? Ideally, it should be the client while the developer asks probing questions for more details and ultimately, the project goals.

Experience and education:

There are a lot of self-taught programmers out there and some of them are actually good, but where are they? There are some formally educated programmers who also do app development. A good developer can come from either side of the fence. Does the developer come from a reputable studio where there is mentorship and peer evaluation? No good dev comes from a vacuum.


This is an obvious one. Look at what apps were developed by the studio or person. Have they produced anything notable and is it actually used with any regularity?


What kind of app developer are you hiring? Are they app kit developer or native mobile app developers? (We will blog more about this important distinction in the following posts.) How does the design ethos fit in the way apps are built? If there no comprehensive design and building strategy and ethos, be worried.


What is the support like for the app you will develop. Is everything focused on the launch or is there talk about post launch. This too is important and will be blogged about at length in the following posts.