app studio research

Five questions to ask when looking for an app developer.

Your business needs a mobile app and is in the market for a developer. Perhaps your business has a number of employees and an app is needed to coordinate staff and track tasks. Alternately, an app may be needed for clients to interact with your business. As you seek the right developer on your favorite search engine, you get a tsunami of results. When you network, colleagues speak of highschool and college students who develop apps for internship credit alone. Conversely, there are app studios who charge as much as a down payment on a house if not the house itself. It’s great to have a range to pick from, but difficult to find the developer your business needs. Where does one start? How does one even start? Before you even start looking for a developer, you need to get a list of questions going. Sometimes figuring out the right questions is more complicated than the problem itself. Generally where there is a question, the answers are not far behind.

  1. What will my app be used for and who will use it?
  2. What platform(s) will the app run on? Is it Android? IOS? Or is it something else?
  3. Will this mobile app use phone hardware features such as the camera and microphone?
  4. Does my mobile app need to target a specific phone such as an iPhone camera or will it be device-agnostic and do things like prepare pizza orders?
  5. Does it matter that the app can run on older hardware, perhaps even older OS versions, or must it run on newer? Get your list together and remember, there is no such thing as a bad question. As you compile your list, you will get greater clarity of what your business needs and will help decide the right person or studio for your job.